our mission

To amplify the Theory & Practice of Design through conversation & community.

we exist to

Engage in dialogue about the many facets of Design in an effort to collectively become empowered to have a voice in a myriad of ways that relate to the practice of Design.

Our programming includes

Book Club

An opportunity to come together to discuss creative perspectives across time and understand ways to create strong foundations in our work today. Conversely, what might be the blindspots or prejudices, because of the influences that came before us, that we must unlearn?


We celebrate the living knowledge that is constantly evolving within Design and welcome Designers to share thoughts on their perspectives, philosophies, principles, and processes that challenge and expand our existing notions of what Graphic Design is and should be.

Office Hours

An opportunity to come together to share and review work and provide and receive feedback. The objective being to empower each other's confidence, craft, and literacy in Design.

who we serve





our values


We listen with intention to ensure that our vision is rooted in diversity amongst voices involved and are welcoming of new ideas and perspectives.

Craft and literacy in design

We believe that literacy within Design is essential and we aim to be a platform where creatives can come together to improve their practices.


We measure success based on what we hear and strive to support each other in a way that nurtures growth and confidence within Design.