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March 10 | 6 – 7pm CST

...And the world isn't flat anymore
A talk by Matt Wizinsky


March 4 | 6 – 7pm CST

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past events

Book Discussion

February 10 & 24 2021
Design as an Attitude
By Alice Rawsthrorn


February 23 2021
The Design of the City of Chicago
With Jason Kunesh


January 26 2021
Seven Things Every Designer Needs to Know About Writing
A talk by Ellen Lupton


December 3 2020
Branding 900 910 Lake Shore Drive: the search for Mies typography
A talk by The Narrative


November 18 2020
Experimenting in Graphic Design
A talk by Jonathan Sangster

book Discussion

September 30 2020
Are We Human?
by Beatriz Colomina & Mark Wigley

book Discussion

August 5 2020
Designing Design
by Kenya Hara

book Discussion

June 24 2020
The ABC's of Triangle, Square, Circle: The Bauhaus & Design Theory
by Ellen Lupton & J. Abbott Miller

book Discussion

May 6 2020
Design as Art
by Bruno Munari