Our mission

Amplify the theory and practice of graphic design through community.

Our commitment to you

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are our top priorities. We exist as a platform that embraces and supports the rich diversity of the design industry. We recognize the systemic oppression targeted towards marginalized groups and operate as an ally and advocate for all voices. We’re dedicated to the growth and development of our communities and aim to make everyone feel seen, heard, and valued for their full humanity.

Our Vision

At the intersection of design’s possibilities.


How can I be empowered to be a driver of change through my design practice?
We’re focused on self-growth and development in our practices through learning and engagement in discourse and critical thinking.


How can I share what I know and build meaningful relationships with others?
We’re a platform dedicated to cultivating curiosity and collective empowerment within our practices. We listen with intention and contribute to conversations that spark ideas and shape an equitable future.


What is my role and responsibility in shaping the world through design?
We believe in the power of design to transform and shape our world and are unapologetic in our commitment to challenging existing norms within our fields.

Our programming

Fostering a positive culture within design

Talks & lectures

We offer designers the space to share with us their unique perspectives through virtual talks. Presentations are engaging, conversational, and open to the public.

Book discussion

A platform for designers to engage in critical discussion about graphic design text. We read books focused on theory, practice, criticism, history, culture, and more.

Office Hours

Monthly opportunities for designers to come together for informal conversation. A time for questions, work-sharing, design critiques, connection, etcetera.

Get involved

We’re looking to you to help drive and develop the vision of the Chicago Graphic Design Club — building an equitable design community throughout Chicago and beyond.