Our mission

Amplify the THEORY & PRACTICE of graphic design through community.

We aim to exist as a platform that fosters friendship, curiosity, and bold ideas. Our collective interest in design is the thread that unites us. We’re focused on challenging existing notions of design and look to leverage the past to design a better future.

Our commitment to you
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are our top priorities. We exist as a platform that embraces and supports the rich diversity of the design industry. We recognize the systemic oppression targeted towards marginalized groups and operate as an ally and advocate for all voices. We’re dedicated to the growth and development of our communities and aim to make everyone feel seen, heard, and valued for their full humanity.

Our Programming

Fostering a positive culture within design.

Book discussions
A platform for designers to engage in critical discussion about graphic design text. We read books focused on theory, practice, criticism, history, culture, and more.

We offer designers the space to share with us their unique perspectives through virtual talks. Presentations are engaging, conversational, and open to the public.

Office Hours
Monthly opportunities for designers to come together for informal conversation. A time for questions, work-sharing, design critiques, connection, etcetera.

Our Values

We listen with intention to ensure that our purpose is rooted in diversity and acceptance. We are welcoming of perspectives that challenge existing notions of graphic design and spark interest in new arenas.

Design literacy
We come together because we believe that literacy within graphic design is essential to our practices. We offer the space for designers to come together to learn, think, and engage in critical thought.

We measure success based on what we hear and strive to support each other in a way that nurtures growth and confidence within graphic design. We champion and celebrate each other’s success.

Get involved

Are you passionate about building a thoughtful and inclusive design community?
We’re looking to you to help drive and develop the vision of the Chicago Graphic Design Club — building an equitable design community throughout Chicago and beyond.